PUBLISH YOUR PLANS: The Disclosures Needed to Support a Managed Decline of Oil and Gas Production and an Informed Energy Transition


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This first-of-its-kind handbook is a blueprint for how the oil and gas sector should plan for the energy transition and includes recommendations for specific disclosures oil and gas companies must  make to inform a well-managed energy transition that benefits everyone. 

The Publish Your Plans handbook identifies key categories of climate risk information that oil and gas companies must disclose including: information on oil and gas reserves, including emissions embedded in reserves; greenhouse gas emissions on a project-level basis; critical financial assumptions and estimates underpinning financial reporting and accounting (including information on asset retirement obligations and impairment testing); and more.

See what activists say about the handbook:

“The most urgent task on planet earth is rapidly phasing out the use of fossil fuels. The oil and gas industry has done all that they can to prolong their business model, at the cost of a workable earth; we need concrete and clear plans for moving on. Now.”

Bill McKibben, Author, Educator, Environmentalist and founder of and

“Publish Your Plans” lands as a brilliantly timed addition to global efforts to hold the fossil fuel sector to account.  The measures set out in this handbook provide essential new direction, critical in the struggle to make sure global society can navigate the complexity of the energy transition, in both an equitable and secure way. I encourage policymakers – all of whom should be focused on how human society can survive the climate crisis and build a world that is more prosperous, secure, and clean – to read this handbook and to act. Nothing less than our collective future may depend on it.

Simon Taylor, co-founder & Director, Global Witness, & co-founder of the Publish What You Pay Campaign.

“The fossil fuel industry has been ignoring the negative impacts that oil and gas extraction has caused to the people and the planet especially the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities. These companies must be held accountable through providing information to the people on their plans to support a just energy transition. The handbook will support our struggles as environmental activists to make our demands heard and acted upon.”

Evelyn Acham, Climate justice activist from Kampala, Uganda, Founder of +1tree, Co-Founder of Climate Justice for Healthy Communities (CJHC)

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