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Our Work

Our work has forced massive transformations in the global oil, gas, and mining industries by exposing the corruption and dirty dealmaking that has historically riddled these sectors.


As we enter the next phase of the climate crisis, our work will help to curb the political power of the fossil fuel and mining industries and reverse policies that subsidize continued extraction. We will work to uncover the information necessary to inform a just transition from fossil fuels that is guided by equity, justice, and accountability. 

Tackle the Corrupting Influence of the Fossil Fuel Industry

We work to challenge the political power of the fossil fuel and mining industries.

Inform A Just Transition Through Transparency

We advocate for important disclosures needed from these industries to inform policies for a just economic and energy transition around the world.

Support Community-led Demands For A Just Transition

We support frontline community groups and their work to challenge the economics of extraction and push for a just economic transition away from fossil fuel and mining dependence.


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Our Impact

A Global Coalition Making Change

Spotlight: PWYP Niger

After spending six months in jail on fabricated charges, three members of the global Publish What You Pay (PWYP) movement...

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