End the Corrupting Influence of the Fossil Fuel Industry


End The Corrupting Influence Of The Fossil Fuel Industry


We must reduce the influence of the fossil fuel and mining industries on elected and regulatory officials. For far too long, oil, gas, and mining companies have worked to maintain undue influence over government officials at the federal and state levels, securing policies that provide these industries with subsidies, tax breaks, and exemptions that allow companies to continue to destroy our planet for profit, without any repercussions.
Our coalition works to expose and undo these corporate-backed policies. We build public and political opposition to the wide array of domestic subsidies provided to the industry that enable more extraction as well as the US government’s promotion of these harmful policies abroad.
Together with our coalition partners, sustainable investors, watchdog groups, and concerned citizens, we demand a shift in corporate behavior and an end to company support for industry associations that obstruct progress on climate change.
We also work to expose corruption within regulatory and oversight bodies and push for relevant policy reform to remedy revolving door norms and other practices that allow the fossil fuel and mining industries to capture these important government bodies.


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