Support Community-led Demands for a Just Transition


Challenging the economics of extraction



We support frontline community groups and their work to uncover and fight back against the myth that fossil fuel-related projects and developments are a necessary boon to their local economies and communities.

Research into tax exemption programs, development agreements, and tax payment data show many local and state governments are providing costly subsidies and tax breaks that bankroll otherwise unprofitable projects while starving local school districts and health systems of desperately needed revenue. This information can help demonstrate the unfair deal being cut and the price that community members involuntarily pay for industry gain. 

Exposing the failing economics of extraction also helps to bolster community demands for proactive and sustainable economic planning that includes diversification away from fossil fuels and support for a local clean energy economy. It is not acceptable for local governments to excuse themselves from this task because of economic dependence on fossil fuel production: this is a policy choice, not an inevitability.
PWYP-US works with groups at local and state levels to challenge the economics of extraction to demonstrate that the only viable path forward for the economic well-being of workers and fossil-fuel dependent communities, is ambitious policies that plan for a managed decline. 




Defending space for civic engagement


In order to demand a just transition, citizens must first have the space to make those demands, free of reprisal or attack. Unfortunately, groups and community members who express dissent and dare to challenge the power of oil, gas, and mining companies, as well as their government backers, often face great obstacles, and every year a record number of activists around the world are killed for their work. Patterns of repression are intensifying around the world and space for civic engagement is shrinking.
We work to protect activists by pushing back against laws criminalizing basic forms of civic engagement domestically and abroad, holding government actors accountable for attacks on human rights defenders while also exposing corporate tactics aimed at silencing dissidents.
PWYP-US will continue to work with other US-based groups to counteract repressive trends domestically. At the same time, we will work with other PWYP chapters and allies around the globe to both prevent and respond to attacks on activists, organizations and affected communities.

Latest Updates on Our Work To Support Community-Led Demands for a Just Transition