Our Work

Transforming Our Work to Support a Globally Just Transition

Our work has forced massive transformations in the global oil, gas, and mining industries by exposing the corruption and dirty dealmaking that has historically riddled these sectors. As we enter the next phase of the climate crisis our work will help to curb political capture by the fossil fuel industry, reverse policies that subsidize continued extraction and uncover the information needed to hold the polluters accountable. 

End the Corrupting Influence of the Fossil Fuel Industry

We work to reduce the political influence of the fossil fuel industry in order to regain critical oversight and regulation of the industry. Our coalition works to expose and end the political capture that results in harmful policies that subsidize extraction. We build public and political opposition to the wide array of subsidies provided to the industry for domestic extraction as well as the US government’s promotion of these harmful policies abroad.

Inform A Just Transition Through Transparency

We advocate for important disclosures needed from the oil, gas, and mining industries to inform a just transition. ​Transparency will allow stakeholders to evaluate both company and government plans and assumptions surrounding extraction and demand the phasing out of projects that are outside the global carbon budget. Disclosures will also help limit the likelihood of economic shocks that arise from company and government opacity and risky economic decisions that threaten the stability of both domestic and global economies.

Support Community-led Demands For A Just Transition​

We support frontline community groups and their efforts to challenge oil, gas, and mining projects by exposing the industry’s myths of economic prosperity using project-level analyses. We work to provide technical support for local groups to help produce the evidence necessary to build a large base of support for this better policymaking and economic planning that prioritizes a managed economic transition for workers and entire local economies.


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