Extract-A-Fact Newsletter – August 2017

Extract-A-Fact Newsletter – August 2017

PWYP-US Extract-A-Fact

August 2017

A Guide to Navigating
Canada’s New Oil, Gas, and
Mining Disclosures

The hundreds of ESTMA
reports include disclosures
from Chinese state-owned
firm CNOOC on Canadian and
global operations,
ExxonMobil on operations
within Canada, and Chevron
on operations in Canada and
Nigeria. This post will
show you step-by-step how
to access those reports.

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This New Canadian Data
Can Empower Africans

Thanks to a

Canadian law

that came into force in
2015, these companies are
now required to report –
for the first time ever –
their contributions to
governments. Data like this
can empower citizens in
some of the poorest
countries to hold their
governments accountable for
how that money gets used
and to help identify and
curb corruption.

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Is the United States
getting a good deal on
its natural resources?
A taxing question

Like the citizens in
resource-rich countries
around the world, citizens
of the United States also
need to know if they are
getting a good deal on
their natural resources.
Thoroughly answering this
question, however, is
incredibly complex and
involves the careful
analysis of contracts, as
well as relevant tax and
royalty regimes governing
the extractives sector.

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Oil Company Data on
Payments to Governments
is Now Coming Thick and

We are definitely at an
inflection point. In
addition to the ESTMA
disclosures described
above, over 90 companies
have reported payment
information under U.K. law
for 2015. A similar number
are reporting for 2016
(Shell’s report is one such
disclosure.) In total, over
USD 136 billion was paid to
governments in 112
countries around the world
by companies reporting
under U.K. law for 2015.

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Tullow Disclosure
Yields Insight into
Ghana Oil, Gas Sector

NRGI collected and analyzed
Tullow’s yearly disclosures
across payment types
required to be disclosed
under EU rules and of
relevance to Ghana: license
fees, infrastructure
payments, royalties and
income tax.

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Opening Australia’s
extractive data for

Australia has one of the
largest global footprints
of extractives companies
operating abroad.


by Publish What You Pay
(PWYP) Australia and ESG
research house


in September 2016 found
that the 22 Extractives
Industries Companies on the
ASX 200 had a presence in
almost 50 countries.

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Introduction to Python

This tutorial is the first
in a series that will help
you learn how to analyse
data about the extractives
industry using Python.

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From the archive:

Unlock PDF data with Tabula


is a powerful and extremely
useful open-source web
application for extracting data
locked in tables in PDF
documents. Similar to the
Google Scraper application we
introduced in an

earlier post

, Tabula can expedite the
process of getting information
into a usable format when
copying and pasting is not an

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