Extract-A-Fact Newsletter – August 2016

Extract-A-Fact Newsletter – August 2016

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August 2016

Finding UK mandatory disclosure reports in one simple step

Companies House extractives service

Read on for an easy way to see the full list of mandatory disclosure reports submitted to

Companies House Extractives Service

in the United Kingdom.

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Guest Post
Aleph and beneficial ownership: working up from the ground

Financial regulators in many countries already require companies to disclose information on their
shareholders and subsidiaries, so that our

corporate filings database Aleph

can help you to find it – and here is how.

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A first look at the USEITI Federal Revenue Data

According to the data, the Federal Government collected $7,499,581,883 in 2015 from extractive operations
in 557 counties in 37 states and offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic and Pacific
oceans, and off the coast of Alaska.

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Workshop 2 – Calculating and visualizing USEITI data using QGIS

On June 7, Publish What You Pay – United States held the second training workshop on using extractives data


, an open source GIS mapping application.

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How to use Google Scraper to unlock extractives data on a website

while there are many ways to use data to investigate extractive industry payment disclosures (like


), often the biggest hurdle is to simply extract the data from its location on the web into a usable
format. This short guide will cover the use of one tool that can simplify that process for web-based
tables: the


web extension for Google Chrome.

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Workshop 1 – data organization and GIS basics

On May 19, PWYP-US hosted the first of two data skills training workshops to explore ways of using the
USEITI data with the open source QGIS mapping software.

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Welcome to Extract-A-Fact

Extract-A-Fact will provide training modules detailing useful and creative ways to find, analyze, and
visualize extractives data, as well as blog posts from PWYP-US and our partners as we dig deeper into oil,
gas, and mining sector data to answer questions critical to communities impacted by natural resources.

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