Vision 20/20 Strategy

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In 2012 Publish What You Pay adopted a new strategy to reflect the growth over the first ten years of our history. You can read the strategy in full or find out more about our strategy development process.

The new strategy represented an evolution from PWYP’s original mandate around revenue transparency to advocacy along the whole extractive value chain. This decision was based on the fact that our members and coalitions had already started working on issues beyond revenue transparency – it was time for PWYP’s new strategy to reflect that.

Secondly, our membership had grown in a decade from 6 members to well over 600 – a new governance structure, fit-for-purpose for such a big coalition, was crucial. As a coalition campaigning for transparency and accountability, we also decided to place a great onus on our own governance and transparency.

The Vision 20/20 is characterised by these elements:

The Chain for Change

An extractive value chain from a citizen’s perspective. It illustrates how to introduce transparency and accountability at each step of the value chain and now forms our overall strategic framework;

Four strategic pillars

for the 2012-2016 strategic cycle

a. Publish Why You Pay and How You Extract

These are those steps in the Chain for Change that help determine whether citizens are getting a fair deal for their resources. They deal with extraction rights, transparency and monitoring of the deals and contracts signed between governments and companies.

b. Publish What You Pay

These steps cover the campaign for full financial transparency from companies to ensure the availability of data that is regular, credible, comprehensive, comparable and open. This includes our work on EITI and global mandatory disclosures.

c. Publish What You Earn and How You Spend

PWYP sees transparency as a means to demand accountability from both companies and governments. This pillar is key to translating transparency into accountability and ensuring the revenues generated by natural resources are used to benefit all citizens.

d. Practice What We Preach

This covers PWYP’s own internal governance and accountability and includes the establishment of a new membership-driven governance structure, the introduction of coalition membership standards and a brand policy.

A list of strategic options

Available in our PWYP à la carte.  This document provides our coalitions and members with a menu of options to focus their work on, depending on the different contexts, opportunities and challenges.

The adoption of the new strategy means that we have now entered the final, or, ‘Alignment Phase’. This phase is characterised not only by aligning or developing the strategies of the national coalitions to the Vision 20/20 but also implementing the governance structure and restructuring the Secretariat to help accelerate progress towards Vision 20/20.