Publish What You Pay

Photo of a sign in Liberia toting the benefits of resource extraction

A sign in Liberia toting the benefits of natural resource extraction.

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Membership of the Publish What You Pay (PWYP) coalition is open to civil society groups and nongovernmental organizations.

Members of the Publish What You Pay worldwide coalition:

  • Advocate for the mandatory disclosure of payments made by extractive industry companies, both multinational and state owned enterprises, to all national governments on a disaggregated and country-by-country basis.

And will wherever possible endeavor to:

  • Positively and constructively engage with other coalition members, companies, governments and other relevant actors at national and regional levels;
  • Provide regular updates on activities, strategies and plans related to the campaign;
  • Proactively speak out to the media and public on the issue of revenue transparency, promote Publish What You Pay, and widely disseminate relevant and important information on the campaign. Organizations also agree to be listed on the PWYP website and other campaign materials.

To become a member:

Contact Isabel Munilla at

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