News: Extract-A-Fact – Why is Niger still losing out to Areva?

Source: By Quentin Parrinello, Oxfam France & Publish What You Pay France

In 2014, Niger announced it had successfully renegotiated uranium extraction contracts with French state-owned company Areva to secure a greater share of the wealth deriving from their uranium resources. Three years later, an analysis carried out by Oxfam based on data released by Areva calls into question the benefits for Niger in the contract renegotiation.

This analysis was carried out as part of the data extractor program developed by Publish What You Pay .

You can read more about Areva in Niger and more in the English version of “ Beyond Transparency: Investigating the Investigating the New Extractive Industry Disclosures .” This report was published by Publish What You Pay France , Oxfam France , ONE, and Sherpa.

Understanding the context: why is Nigerien uranium so important for Areva?

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