We believe sunshine is the best disinfectant.

Publish What You Pay – United States (PWYP-US) is part of a global civil society network united in its call for a more open and accountable extractives sector. Natural resource revenues are an important source of income for the governments of over 50 developing countries. When properly managed these revenues should serve as a basis for poverty reduction, economic growth and development, yet too often natural resource wealth serves to exacerbate corruption, conflict and social divisiveness.

We believe that shining a light on the financial flows between companies and governments will give citizens the information they need to hold their governments and corporations accountable for the management of revenues from the oil, gas and mining sector.

The PWYP-US coalition is made up of 40 diverse members, including human rights, development, tax-justice and faith-based organizations.

Since its inception, PWYP-US has led a national effort to pass legislation requiring US-listed oil, gas and mining companies to publish what they pay in the countries they operate. This goal was achieved with the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act in July 2010, which included the landmark extractives transparency provision, Section 1504. Since the law’s passage, PWYP-US has also led the international effort to ensure that the Securities and Exchange Commission develop strong regulations to implement Section 1504. The final rule to implement Section 1504 is expected in June 2016.

PWYP-US also played a critical role in the push for the United States to join the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.

Key Facts

  • In 2014 the US was the world’s top producer of petroleum and natural gas.
  • 6 out of 10 of the largest mining companies by market cap are listed on a US stock exchange.
  • Key resources: coal, copper, lead, zinc, gold, iron, oil and natural gas

Key Contacts

  • Name: Filmona Hailemichael
  • Email: FHailemichael [at] pwypusa.org
  • Telephone: O: +1 202 335 4464